• Univeral Sets-Orthopaedic  Sets

    Univeral Sets-Orthopaedic Sets

    The orthopaedic Sets are used for one-time protection during operation to provide barrier and protection for the blood, body fluids and secretions of potential infectious thinkers that the clinical medical staff come into contact with at work. It is a flexible solution that can be combined to meet most surgical needs.

    Complying with Standard: EN13795

  • Stored Energy Foot

    Stored Energy Foot

    TORED ENERGY FOOT Children Double and spread toes innovative design, Ensure smooth gait. Carbon fiber structure, let the user feel more naturally. Overall length of spread toes and arm, make the stride, time and uninjured side is equal, Ensure more stable.
  • Oxygen Mask

    Oxygen Mask

     The disposable oxygen mask with oxygen tube is constructed to supply oxygen or other gases to a patient, and it is made from PVC of medical grade. Soft mask designed in such a way that it fits comfortably over patient’s face.It is provided with adjustable elastic strap for proper positioning of mask on the nasal area.

  • Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask

    Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask

    A non-rebreather mask is a medical device that helps to deliver oxygen in emergency situations. One-way valves prevent exhaled air from reentering the oxygen reservoir. It is made from non-toxic medical grade PVC, to be light and more comfortable, consists of mask, oxygen tube, reservoir bag and connector. Transparent plastic mask makes it be visible, allowing care providers to be better monitor patient’s conditions instantly.

  • Gel Product

    Gel Product

    Silica Gel Flatfoot Insole Structure and Function Flatfoot is one of the collapse of the foot, it is a common foot disease, generally hereditary, children always be found. Application Flatfoot, heel pain heel inflammation. Bone Spur, reduce the pains from waist, back, knee.
  • Ice paste

    Ice paste

    Exclusive formula, add far-infrared ceramic powder, suitable for cervical vertebra, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, knee joint pain auxiliary treatment.
    Name: WILD+ Joint Patch
    Package: 10 patches. 3.54IN×5.91IN(9cm×15cm)
    Certification: CE

  • Wormwood paste

    Wormwood paste

    get the relief you need,targeted relief pain,relief for up to 24 hours,wormwood arthritis knee plasters pain relieving for neck/knee/back/ muscles joint pain

    Name: WILD+ Herbal Pain Relief Patch

    Package: 10 patches. 3.54IN×5.91IN(9cm×15cm)

    Certification: CE

  • Shoe Covers, Non Anti-skid

    Shoe Covers, Non Anti-skid

    Size: 16*40 cm

    Color: Blue/Green/White

    Type: Non Anti-skid

    Package: 100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton

    Executive Standard: CE

    Composition: PP Non-Woven fabric 25g/28g/33g/45g, CPE 2g/2.5g/3g

    Application: Hygiene rules, Food processing, Clean areas, Utilities, Leisure centers

  • Disposable Surgical Gown

    Disposable Surgical Gown

    Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL

    Color: Blue

    Type: standard/ Reinforced, Sterile/Non-sterile

    Package: 1 pcs/bag, 50pcs/carton

    Executive Standard: EN 13795-1:2019, CE/FDA/TUV

    Composition: 35g/45g/m2 SMS Non-Woven Waterproof fabric.

  • Disposable Isolation Gown

    Disposable Isolation Gown

    Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL

    Color: White / Green / Blue / Yellow

    Type: Standard, Non-Sterile

    Package: 10 pcs / bag, 100 pcs / carton

    Executive Standard: CE

    Composition: 20g / 25g / 30g / 35g / m2 SMS Non-Woven fabric

    Application: Suitable for Hospital / Research Institution /

    Laboratory and other public health institution, which can

    protect the workers from the pollution of blood / body fluid /

    powder and other pollutant.

  • Sterile Surgical Cap

    Sterile Surgical Cap

    Size: 18″~24″

    Color: Blue

    Type: Sterile

    Package: 100pcs/bag, 2000pcs/carton

    Executive Standard: CE

    Composition: PP 10g

  • Shoe Covers, Anti-skid

    Shoe Covers, Anti-skid

    Size: 16*40 cm

    Color: Blue/Green/White

    Type: Anti-skid

    Package: 100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton

    Executive Standard: CE

    Composition: PP Non-Woven fabric, 25g/28g/33g/45g

    Application: Hygiene rules, food processing, clean areas,

    utilities, leisure centers

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