What Are the Different Types of Cosmetics Packaging?

Tubes, compacts, and roller ball containers are some different types of cosmetics packaging. Lipsticks and lip glosses are found in tubes, while powder and cream makeup is typically found in compact containers. Small roller balls are primarily used to house perfumes or deodorants. Mascara and sometimes lip stick or gloss are found in vials with a brush attached to the cap. In addition, perfumes and body sprays can be found in small spray bottles.


Cylindrical tubes are commonly used to store lipsticks and lip glosses. They are usually made from metal, plastic, or a combination of both materials. These tubes can be twisted to push up the product it is meant to contain and can come in many different colors, sizes, and styles. Sometimes similar tubes are used to hide other products, like pepper spray, since many people associate this kind of tube with makeup rather than objects used to self defense.


Compacts are small containers made to hold a powder or cream. They usually have a lid that flips open and sometimes contains a mirror to help apply the product. Compacts can also come with brushes to give the consumer everything he or she needs to put the product on on-the-go. Foundation, blush, and eyeshadow are commonly sold in compact containers.


Roller balls are cosmetics packaging used to store perfumes or deodorants. When storing perfumes, the packaging is typically made out of metal, glass, or plastic. The tip of the container has a small ball that comes into contact with the product on one side and can be rolled onto the skin to apply the product. This kind of cosmetics packaging is about the size of a cylindrical tube used for lipstick or sometimes smaller.


Lipstick or gloss and mascara usually has rather unique cosmetics packaging overall. They are typically put in small vials that are closed with a twist-cap. A brush is attached to the cap to apply the product, and because of its permanent attachment to the cap, it is always in the product and ready to use. Metal, glass, and plastic are common materials used to make these containers.


Small or mini spray bottles meant for a handbag are often used to store cosmetics. In general, a lot of expensive perfumes come in small bottles to be more affordable for the masses. Sometimes mini spray bottles are also used for trial-sized bottles of fragrances. These different types of cosmetic packaging come in various sizes, colors, and shapes.